5 Benefits of Working Out in the Morning!

I decided to switch up my morning workout routine this weekend. Instead of doing 20 minutes on the elliptical, I woke up on Saturday at 5:45 in the morning and headed to Torrey Pines Beach to go for a light run and sprint 12 100 meter at full speed. Cardio is very boring to me especially when I’m on the treadmill or elliptical running in one place. All I can think about is when the heck this is  going to be over, looking at the time every second like it’s really going to make the time go by faster. Right after my cardio was done I was more than ready to hit the gym to lift weights, which is my favorite thing to do. A lot of people say I’m crazy or ask how the heck do you wake up every morning to workout.

So I decided to share 5 Benefits of Working Out in the Morning!

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I wasn’t always a morning exerciser, I actually dreaded waking up early every morning until I realized that it gave me more pros than cons with my day to day task. Continue reading the post and you will see the benefits behind being a morning exerciser and how productive your life can become.


During the week I wake up every morning at 5:15am to be at the gym by 5:45am.  I work out one body part each day for 45 minutes, along with a 15 minute session in the sauna.  Some mornings I find myself being less motivated to get up to workout, during these times I turn to Herbalife24 Prepare , It helps me stay in the zone, energizes and helps me with high-intensity or extended exercise. Intense workouts take a toll on your muscles so it’s important to feed the muscles the right nutrients that it needs to maximize your gains. During workouts your muscle protein breaks down, during post workout recovery it’s essential to feed your muscles protein to help rebuild and repair.  After every workout I turn to Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength.


One of main things that motivate me to get out of bed early in the morning is knowing my morning workout is going to set the tone for my day and help me be more productive throughout the whole day. Working out increases blood flow, which allows me to feel more alert and makes me feel good afterwards, while boosting my alertness, which is a plus because I need to be mentally prepared to go into work.  It’s not always easy waking up early, but I always think about the end results of how good I’m going to feel afterwards.I notice that when I work out in the morning versus the evening, I tend to eat healthier throughout the day.  

Get off to the right start

Set your alarm clock and when it goes off jump out of the bed right way. Refrain from hitting the snooze button. Getting out of bed is the hardest thing about working out in the morning, but after 2 weeks it will become a lot easier.

To be more efficient…

  • Be sure to pack your gym bag at night, so you won’t forget anything.
  • Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep to be physically ready to wake up bright and early.
  • Don’t forget your water bottle, staying hydrated is very important.
  • Think about the end results and benefits when you are fighting yourself to get out of bed.

5 Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

  • You’ll be less likely to skip your workout, which means you will see your results sooner than later
  • Your mood will improve
  • You are productive throughout the day
  • Your metabolic rate will receive a quick boost: Morning workouts will help to boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories for the rest of the day.
  • You are more likely to eat healthier throughout the day, so your workout won’t be in vain.

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Comments and suggestions are encouraged!

Will you become a morning exerciser?

What’s the hardest part about working out in the morning for you?

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  1. Diana @ Live Lean Eat Green | 6th Dec 16

    I totally agree with all of this. Working out in the morning makes me SO MUCH more productive and especially this time of year I think it’s so important to just get your workouts done so you don’t skip them when holiday happy hours/ events pop up 🙂
    Diana @ Live Lean Eat Green recently posted…Holiday Gift Ideas For $25 Or LESS!My Profile

  2. Melissa | 6th Dec 16

    Great post and awesome pictures! I’m always feeling sluggish around mid-day. Perhaps waking up a little earlier to work out would help this issue. Keep posting these great posts😘

  3. Shaniece | 6th Dec 16

    Your right! The Holidays can really knock you off your game, working out in the morning can really help you stay on track.

  4. Shaniece | 6th Dec 16

    Melissa you will definitely feel a difference even if it’s just a 20 minute workout.

  5. Amy | 30th Dec 16

    What a good post! 🙂 Thanks!
    I didn’t even think about morning excercises because I loved to sleep a bit longer. But than, I don’t know why – I just got motivated I believe. So I started my morning with stretching and it was pretty obvious that with a time I needed to do something more.. And now Im running at least 30 min. I feel good 🙂

  6. Shaniece | 30th Dec 16

    I’m happy to hear that you are feeling good Amy!

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