I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and an extraordinary New Years! For the Bloomers that have been following me from the beginning, you all know before the New Year starts, I always take time to give myself an opportunity to reflect on my previous year goals, growth and where I fell short. I make sure to continue to focus on what I need to improve upon and further elevate myself and others to the next level.

How many of you heard of that saying “New Year, New You”? Mostly all of us, right? Why is it that each year everyone appears to get pumped and laser focused to start their new New Year’s resolution, only to lose their momentum around months 2 and 3? Like clockwork every year, the gym is packed with new “resolutioners” who pledge, “this will be the year I get my mind, body, and health into shape”, and within that month, it has dwindled down to the regulars who have always been at it long before New Years.

I fully believe that we set these goals with every intention of seeing them through, but we allow life and minor setbacks to lose sight of what we initially set out to do. This may sound cheesy, but I love to see people progress and see the look on their face when they’ve accomplished what they set out to do!

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With that being said, I thought it would only make sense to share some helpful tips to build your momentum and help you stay on track to tackle your goals for 2019. Side note: Reading this post once will not make these tips stick, you can always bookmark or refer to this post if you starting to lose your drive!

Tip # 1. Surround yourself with positive people (Detox your Inner circle)

“You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with” so choose wisely. ~Jim Rohn

This just means it time to take a close look at your inner circle and detox right away if they are not serving a greater purpose in your life! I know this may be difficult, especially if these are friends and/or family that you’ve had for many years, but sometimes an adjustment is needed to get to that next level in life. Remember, growth won’t happen until you are surrounded by like-minded individuals. I’m not saying you have to completely cut these people (old friends and even some family) out of your life, but it’s important to know you’re only stopping yourself from reaching your highest potential and becoming the best version of yourself. Detox if the person is still living in the past; negative and/or “glass half empty” about everything; still complaining and not making the necessary changes; and most importantly, not showing support or the ability to have an open mind in regards to what your endeavors are.

Networking was one of the ways I met a lot of people in my inner group that has been a positive influence in my life. Read more about why you should invest your time in networking here.

Tip # 2. Write down your long/short-term goals.

You’re 42% more likely to accomplish your goal if you write them down and telling a friend increases it to 78%. Those statistics are the reasons why tip # 1 is important because you need the right inner circle to help you mentally carry them out and hold you accountable when you drop the ball, especially when you start to doubt yourself.

Need an organized way to write down all your goals? Download the FREE
2019_Bloom_GoalSheet If you want to know how to effectively carry goals out, read here.

Can you guess what I’m sipping on?

Tip #3 Make gratitude a part of your attitude and stop comparing

Gratitude is more than just saying, “I’m grateful for…”, it’s an overwhelming feeling in your body that exudes from you – it’s an energy. For instance, if you say, “I’m thankful for my job, but I would be happier if I got paid more”, this is a contradiction and your gratitude is not genuine. Look, I’m not saying to be complacent on where you’re at in life, but be grateful for what you currently have and continue working towards something bigger. Find a way and do whatever it is you need to do to make things happen.

Remember, don’t let your negative beliefs stop or delay you from manifesting what you want out of life. We are all unique and come from different walks of life, so it’s important not to compare yourself to others and where they are in their journey. We all have different goals that require a unique and individual path, which means we will not all arrive at our destinations at the exact same time. Remember to stay focus and Trust the timing of your life.


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