Develop 4 Habits to Gain a New Mindset to Help You Reach Your Full Potential

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Do you ever ask yourself why some people avoid challenges when faced with difficulties, while others flourish and reach their highest potential?

As some of you may know I’m an academic advisor in higher education. When I started my career in education, I quickly had to learn and identify what type of mindset students had to advise them the best possible way. The population of students I advise is very diverse and they come from different backgrounds, so each conversation is dealt with differently. The only difference between why some students are successful and why others are unsuccessful all boils down to their mindset.

Have you ever sat back to think about what type of mindset you currently hold in all aspects of your life? And is it limiting you from reaching your highest potential?

Our mindset has the ability to influence our lives; how we look at the world will attract and shape our own world. That is the reason why I live by this quote, “What you thinking now is creating your future life. You create your life with your thoughts. Because you are always thinking, you are always creating. What you think about the most or focus on the most, is what will appear in your life. ~The Secret

I have a question for you; do you have a fixed or growth mindset? Before you answer that question, let me give you a break down on what growth and fixed mindset mean.

According to Developing Good Habits, In a FIXED mindset, people believe their qualities are fixed traits and therefore cannot change. These people document their intelligence and talents rather than working to develop and improve them. They also believe that talent alone leads to success, and effort is not required. Alternatively, in a GROWTH mindset, people have an underlying belief that their learning and intelligence can grow with time and experience. When people believe they can get smarter, they realize that their effort has an effect on their success, so they put in extra time, leading to higher achievement.

After reading the difference between Fixed and Growth mindset I hope you chose to develop or continue to have a growth mindset. The growth mindset can only take you higher and improve your life overall.  It’s important for me to briefly discuss this topic because I know this information can help others shift their mindset on things they believe they cannot change such as your intellect, unfavorable habits, or your weight. I’m here to tell you no matter what age you are, the current situation you are in, the background you came from, or the limiting beliefs you were told, you can change your mindset to reach your fullest potential. All you need to do is develop these four habits to gain a growth mindset. Word of advice, stay persistent and be patient with yourself. This is not something you can learn overnight it takes time to make this way of thinking apart your lifestyle.

4 Habits to Develop a New Mindset

  1. Analyze your mistakes
  2. Accept challenges
  3. Ability to learn new things
  4. Be inspired by others success

Click here to learn how to develop a growth mindset.

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