One Workout That Will Effectively Hit 4 body Parts in 20 minutes!

Get ready to work out your core, glutes, quads, & hamstrings doing one effective exercise in 20 minutes.

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite workouts that will help bring you closer to your fitness goals and improve your health overall. Some of you may know I ran track in high school; I was a sprinter. I ran the 55, 100, 200, 300 and the 4×1 meter dash. I enjoyed sprinting because I knew the workout or race was going to be over fast. No offense to the distance or marathon runners, but I despise running more than 3 miles because I think it’s pointless. I have things to do and I don’t have time to be running for hours when I can get an effective workout done in 30 minutes or less. If you have a busy schedule and you’re on a time restraint this will be the perfect workout for you.

Get your running shoes on and get ready to SPRINT your butt off.  Those of you who hate sprinting, will soon appreciate it after you learn how it can transform your health and get you to your body goal faster. I’m not going to bore you with a long post about all the benefits because I want to get straight to the point on how to do the sprint workout, but here’s one of the resources that provide you with 10 amazing benefits here

First thing’s first. Warming up is essential to get the blood flowing, which will help prevent you from pulling muscles or getting injured.

Here’s an example of what a warm-up consists of, but feel free to do your own thing.

Stretching your whole body for 5 minutes

Jumping jacks combined with butt kicks followed by high knees for 5 minutes. If you don’t know what this is, look it up on YouTube to get an idea of what these warm-ups look like.

Take 2 minute to cool down

Spend the next 8 minutes SPRINTING, remember to run as fast as you can!

You have two options

  •    Sprint 5 reps of 100 meters  
  •    10 reps of 50 meters

After you sprint your first-meter dash, take 90 seconds to rest in between each sprint. Repeat until the reps are completed.

If you don’t finish all your reps don’t be disappointed, just make an effort to do your best the next time until you are able to build your endurance to complete all the reps.

Only do this 3 times a week; if you exceed more than this it might be harmful to your body because the body needs to rest.

*For all of Bloomers that can’t do this outside, use your gym open space or basketball court to do these sprints.

If you’re new to Bloom, make sure you check out other workouts here.

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Your Turn,

What is your favorite exercise that works out more than one body part?

If you have any question comment below.

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  1. Dejae Williams | 26th Feb 18

    Would you recommend waist training along with working out to assist with slimming down and defining the waits?

  2. Aadarsh | 21st Aug 18

    Hey Shanieee,

    Great post. Thanks for sharing this. As this post include workout that will effect 4 body parts in 20 minutes.

    I like the workout tips mentioned by you. Their are surprisingly high benefits of doing workouts and exercises. As these workout will work effectively and hit the 4 body parts in just 20 minutes. Exercises and workouts are important and benefits the health in several ways. Doing the workouts and exercises for 20 minutes can improve the overall health. Doing SPRINT are good for improving the health. However doing SPRINTING or running at full speed over a short distance will definitely benefits the health and is a great way to become fit. Doing WARM UPS is very much necessary. As warming up helps to improve the blood circulation in our body & will also protect from pulling muscles. STRETCHING the whole body for 5 minutes is good for health. Doing WARM UPS like JUMPING JACKS along with BUTT KICKS followed by HIGH KNEES for 5 minutes will definitely benefits the health. Watching these workouts on You Tube will be helpful. SPRINT 5 reps of 100 meters & 10 reps of 50 meters will be great and helps a lot for managing a good health and fitness. A good result can be seen simply by doing these workouts.

    Helpful post. Your all workout tips will work effectively and will be effective for those who follow these tips.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Ida Harris | 19th Sep 18

    So hottt.

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