How to Stay in Alignment with the Natural Changes in Your Life

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That was so last year!

What happens when you get to that moment when you’re just not interested anymore?  You don’t really care like you did.. last year?  Then what?  What are you supposed to do?   I ask because there is often a  point in time when you get to where you’re going and then you stop and might decide to go somewhere else.

That’s about it.  It’s that simple…. on paper.  In reality, the pivotal point can seem like pushing a boulder up hill and feel like at any moment in time you could get crushed and all the weight of the massive boulder might crumble down on you while everything falls apart.  Right?

Maybe not. Maybe it’s more like a jogger.  You hit the pavement out for a run.  You go through all of the focus it takes to pick up the pace, hit your stride, and then you come to that undetermined point in the road…. or on the edge of the cliff and you stop.  You stop cold in your tracks.

And maybe you pause there for a moment and let all that has brought to this moment along your path catch up with you.  You catch your breath.

And then what do you do?  You turn around and head back home.

Seems simple enough.  It’s pretty natural.  In the big picture so much has come to an end.  And in the minute, it’s happening now, as well.  Like, that hairstyle may be ready for a redo. Or the colors you have always loved might not be appealing to you anymore.  Your favorite whatever may no longer be your top pick.  It’s natural, to change, especially this year.  Unless you’ve had your head under some pillow somewhere all year, I’m sure you’ve heard that 2017 has the energy current of a “number one year.” Number One.  Like this is the first time ever of anything. And if this is a number one year and it’s a year of first, or better said, all new things new, then what was last year all about?

Last year was a massive completion year. There was a huge amount of preparation to get you to this moment of the midway point. All things that are not part of your bigger destiny; all things no longer in your favor; all things that could somehow hold you back or you just plane old outgrew, all those things are long gone now.  Either nice and sweet or not so much!  You may feel like it’s time for a change.

Here’s an insider secret on how to stay in alignment with the natural changes going on in your life without feeling like all that road traveled wasn’t a waste of time.

Ready?  Hold on tight ‘cuz it’s really simple.

Let it go. Let go of the struggle.

You willingly let go of everything up to this point and embrace the fresh space ahead.

You do the best you can to relax into it and let it go.  OK. That’s a little too easy… but it’s part of the picture.  There’s a part of us that thinks we have to keep going and doing everything we ever started doing until the day we die or somehow we’ve failed.  Well, maybe there are certain things that run their course and then you move on.  What if all things are like that?

The real insider secret is to notice when you’re in a great deal a resistance to change. Like, a super hard push against what’s naturally occurring… resisting the change that’s happening. An example of resistance is as simple as that time that you’re sitting in the middle of winter just WISHING for it to be spring.  Well, it’s not Spring.

Or, that part of the day when you’re sitting there WISHING it was time to go get lunch. But it’s not lunchtime, yet.

Or, the part of you that resists what’s going on now WISHING for the way things will be someday.  Well, today isn’t someday.  Today is today. What you do TODAY will CREATE your someday.  And today IS the someday you’ve been creating.  So, be with it and let it go.  Let life flow.

Notice what are you doing today.

The thing is, resistance can come into the scene very subtly.  It can come in like a mist, nearly undetectable and end of being a complete thick fog. Like, no visibility at all.  Bleak, even.

Be sure to not let your head fill with fog.  It happens, but you can let it go. Be sure to do the inner work of pausing, seeing where you’ve been, how far you’ve come and take a moment.  Notice if there’s something that you might be pushing away.  Or something you’re holding onto no matter how appropriate it is to let it go.

Just notice.  Be in the inner quiet that it takes to have a clear thought.   Be with the quiet inner space, the moment of pause, the awareness of what’s naturally changing in you and around you.  Just like at the pivotal moment when you’ve jogged to the edge of the cliff and it’s time to turn around.  It’s time to go a new path.

You’ll need to do the outer work, too.  Like moving your body and readying for that someday you’ve been wishing for.  What if it’s today? Are you prepared?

Last year prepared us for so much new discovery in 2017.  We are all in this place of change.  With a deep invigorating breath, let out the old and have fun with this new phase life has ripe and ready for you.

Fun is the key to success…. That’s another insider’s secret 



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