Chula’s Mission: Sugar and Spice Soiree Event

About a month ago, I was invited to blog about the Sugar and Spice Soiree event put on by Chula’s Mission, located here in San Diego, CA. It was my first time hearing about the organization, so before I said yes, I did my own research to learn about their mission and what they stand for.  After doing my research on Chula’s Mission, my eyes were flooded with tears and I had even more gratitude towards having a mother (I will touch on why in just a second). After learning about Chula’s mission I felt honored to go to the event and share their mission on Bloom.  I also accepted the invitation because the mission coincides with Bloom’s mission. I believe that it’s very important that  motherless girls have a good foundation where they can receive support and encouragement to become a successful young woman.

Chula’s Missionis the first of its kind 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Chula’s mission is to mentor and nurture young, motherless girls. They offer basic cooking classes, grief counseling, and a mentor program, all at no cost to the motherless girl or mentor.

I thought to myself, I can’t envision not having my mother in my life at the age I ‘am now, I can’t imagine what these young girls are going through. My mother is my best friend and I talk to her about everything, the good, the bad, the ugly. A mother plays a major role in a young girl’s life. We turn to our mother’s for safety, nurture, trust, advice, love, encouragement and the list goes on. My heart feels heavy for these young girls who don’t have a mother they can turn to, but I’m relieved that there’s an organization here to support them.

I’m felted honored that I was invited to go to the Sugar and Spice Soiree event to support Chula’s Mission to share the cause on Bloom. The event was beautifully put together. It took place at the Horton Grand Hotel, in downtown San Diego. It was great to be in the atmosphere with like-minded professional gathered to support young, motherless girls. I got a chance to network with some really genuine people while enjoying great cocktails, delicious food, good music, and watching people win some awesome prizes! You can  say, I was feeling the vibe and I’m ecstatic to attend the next annual event.

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Meet the Board


Watch the video!

Learn more about the AMAZING ladies that created this organization Founder, Lynsey Ruiz, and Co-Founder, Mayra San Jauns, and why Chula’s Mission was created in the video below.

The world needs more organizations like this one. I’m asking you all to share or spread the word about this organization so we can support and make a difference in a young girl’s life.

Learn more about Chula’s Mission:

Would you like to support Chula’s Mission? Make your donation here.

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What is one thing that you appreciate about your mother?

If you haven’t told your mother or mother figure in your life how grateful you are to have her, this is a good day to remind her!


  1. Jenna | 8th Mar 17

    awesome! This place is actually located in my region of San Diego – would love to go with you sometime!

  2. Mel | 8th Mar 17

    Chula’s Mission seems like a great organization. You would think there would be more organizations like hers nationwide for young females without mothers that would help teach and mold these girls into young adults. kudos to Chula’s Mission on being a first of its kind!

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