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I was very unsure about what I wanted to wear, but I knew what feeling I wanted to portray.  I was going for a look that screamed classy, sophisticated, and sexy, all at once.

Eventually, I decided to wear a backless tan dress that came to my knees, Guess Honora Peep-Toe pumps, which are super comfortable, along with a blue clutch from Aldos.  When your outfit is neutral you can accessorize it with almost any color, as long as your shoes and purse match.  Shop this look or Similar look below.

Details: Navy Halt For Me Dress|Guess Honora Peep-Toe pumps|Similar Clutch 






Shop this look or Similar look below.

Details: Navy Halt For Me Dress|Guess Honora Peep-Toe pumps|Similar Clutch 

Now, let’s talk weddings! One of my good friends was getting married, which I was more than excited for. The wedding was one of the main reasons I came home to visit. Due to a few unexpected speed bumps that day, getting to the wedding was a bit rocky causing much anxiety. One lesson I learned is the importance of always preparing for the “unexpected” that life throws your way. This can include people or any circumstances that occur. Be sure to stay calm, go with flow, and don’t allow it to ruin your day. Everything that happens in life is meant to teach you a lesson to help you to grow and become a better human being.

From the time of her engagement to the day of the wedding, all seemed unreal. It all hit me at once being reunited with all my friends and family on that day. When I entered the doors of the wedding I was in awe. The wedding took place at Highfields Golf and Country Club located in Grafton Massachusetts. Everything was beautifully decorated; elegance is the only way I can describe every detail of the décor. From the moment I entered the doors, I was full of emotion and eagerness to see my friend Shiqui in her beautiful gown. When the wedding started and the bridesmaids and groomsmen started walking out, my eyes filled with tears. It hit me that we are all growing up and she is about to embark on a new chapter in her life with the love of her life! The time had come for the bride to come out and I was just a mess gasping for breath. I looked on both sides of me and I saw both of my girls crying. Let’s just say we looked like a bunch of big babies. As she came out, I was just overwhelmed by her beauty and the happiness that was bestowed on her face. This is a moment that I will never forget. Words can’t describe the feeling I had for my dear friend. I can’t wait to experience and feel the same way one day. My trip back home was full crazy moments,happiness and love. It helped put things in perspective. I’m so grateful for my life and where it’s going.  Going back to New Hampshire/ Boston made me realize that’s not home to me anymore. My home is California. I guess I’ve always been a Californian at heart! Enough about my realization, meet my beautiful friend Miss Getant. More pictures of the fabulous wedding will be displayed on my Instagram coming soon!


Meet my good friend Sheree and my date to the wedding! Shop her look or similar look below.




Details: Shift Dress|Ivanka Trump

Similar look below 

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