“Confidence Is The Sexiest Thing A Woman Can Wear”

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I’m constantly working on bettering myself inside and out in order to become the best version of me. I’ve recently become aware that confidence plays a huge role in pursuing anything your heart desires. Confidence allows you to not only stay on track with your goals, but it also gives you the ability to truly take control of your life.


In order to build up my confidence, much of my time is spent learning to truly take care of myself internally and externally. I can’t emphasize enough how important, yet challenging it is to love yourself. By doing so you will not only feel amazing in your own skin and begin to believe in yourself, but you will suddenly find it easier to surround yourself with positive people who do the same.

As many of you may already know, I am passionate about fashion and dressing up. With that being said, I rarely turn down an invite to any event presenting me with the opportunity to dress to impress. Ladies, I know you all have at least one go-to outfit hanging in your closet, an outfit that makes you feel like you are on a runway, an outfit that gives you that extra boost of confidence, an outfit that just makes you want to scream, “I’m hot!”  I encourage you to continue to rock the hell out of that outfit, and every outfit you own.


Wake up every morning and plan to put your best foot forward, but remember becoming the best version of yourself is a work in progress. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that when you take pride in your appearance and overall well-being, you’ll begin to carry yourself differently- shoulders back, head held high, a smile so confident it owns the room. It’s up to you to embody what it is you’re trying to convey- success!

FYI: *This week I will be posting my favorite go-to dress and it’s under $20! 

Your turn:

What are you confident about within?

What is your go to outfit and how do you feel when you wear it?

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  1. Cayanne Marcus @healthyezsweet | 30th May 16

    I’m definitely confident about how easily I can approach people and strike a conversation. And my go to outfit would have to be this snug, gray sweater and a high waisted skirt!
    Cayanne Marcus @healthyezsweet recently posted…7 TTLY!! Important Life Lessons from my Middle School DiaryMy Profile

  2. Shaniece | 30th May 16

    To be able to strike a conversation with anyone definitely show a level of confidence, keep it up. Your confident outfit sounds very class Cayanne!

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