3 Tips to Overcome Procrastination

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I hope you all had an amazing New Year’s! I want to start this year off with a post that is going to give y’all a fresh outlook on pushing towards your goals by being more self-aware of one major thing that can get us off track or even keep us back from becoming our best selves.  That major thing is something that some of us struggle with on a daily basis, can you guess what that is?

Today I’m so excited to have Pam on Bloom to give us tips on how to stop procrastinating and insight on why this is something many do.

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Let’s get  to it, shall we?

Meet Pam Covarrubias 


Introduce yourself:

I’m a Brand Evangelist, Storyteller, and Solutions Creator who works with individuals to help them develop their personal and professional identities. My mission is to Spread Ideas, Move People. I believes in the power of storytelling and, by sharing my own experiences, I encourage my clients to do the right thing. Through my podcast “Cafe con Pam,” I enable others to share their message and empower them to fulfill their mission in life. I recently launched my Etsy Store that includes templates I have created throughout the years to overcome procrastination. 

What do you think prevents people from achieving their goals?

I don’t think there’s a goal-setting method that works for everyone. Also, I think most goal-setting methods stop at setting the goal. People get stuck on wanting things and fail to plan how to get there. Goal-setting is time consuming and people have to be in the right mindset to make the planning happen.

What is your take on why people procrastinate?

I truly believe that fear has a lot to do with it. We currently live in a world full of expectations and people fear not meeting those standards.

What are 3 tips that can help people stop procrastinating?

  1. Go inward: why are you putting this task off? Acknowledge the fear, perhaps journal about it. Then tackle the task.


  1. Clear your head and write things down. The first thing I tell my clients is to create a “brain dump” and write everything they have to do that is in their head. A lot of times the overwhelm comes from all the things cluttering our mind.


  1. Learn your productive hours and bulk schedule tasks. Everyone has their own personal clock and by knowing at what time you’re most alert it’s best to schedule more complicated tasks. For example, I am highly productive in the mornings and my productivity goes down around noon. I run my errands midday and schedule the hardest tasks in the morning when I’m the most productive.

What support and services do you provide to help recovering procrastinators get closer to achieving their goals?

I am hosting accountability groups for people that are in the journey to recover from procrastination and also people that want to have a support group to share successes and lessons. I offer options from a weekly accountability email reminder to 1/1 accountability services. My goal is to help people become recovering procrastinators and learn to conquer it the easiest way possible.

If you need a support group Pam has you covered, you can contact her here

I would love to hear from you!

What are some things you procrastinate with?

What are some tips that help you with procrastination?  

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I will be interviewing Pam  Live on Instagram at the end of the month. As the time get closer I will give you all more information on the day and time.



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