Gift Guide: 12 Essential Fitness Items For Her

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I hope life has been treating you all well! It’s been a month since I’ve posted and quite honestly, it seems like forever. Can you all believe Christmas is right around the corner?  I swear this year has been such a whirlwind and has gone by so quickly, but I’m super excited to be back in your presence right before the holidays to provide you all with a quick and inexpensive gift guide geared towards my fellow fitness lovers or for the women just starting their fitness journey.

After scouring the web and looking the best deals that are not only practical; I narrowed it down to the 12 essential items that I have and recommend you get for a family member, friend or for yourself. My favorite thing about these items are all of their exceptional quality and the fact that they’re  all under $50!  So take a moment, check them out and workout in style! 

1. Zella Leggings: If you haven’t tried this brand, you’ve been missing out. They’re not only stylish, but they’re incredibly comfy and you can rock them outside the gym like I do.

 2. Adidas Performance Bra: This bra goes great with any gym look you put together. Black sports bra are an absolute must have and are easier to get away with wearing more than one or two workout sessions. 

 3. Good Vibes Only Water Bottle: If you’re not a fan of your water becoming room temp, then this is the water bottle for you. It’s (describe its design that helps insulates it to keep it cold). Ice cold water will always be a quick sip away. 

4. Puma Sneakers: My all-time favorite brand! Puma’s sneakers are super comfortable, (lightweight. Also are these under $50?) they give great support during my workouts and easily convert into an everyday wear. Great deal, you can’t beat the price on this.

5. Kini bands: Are unique hair ties that double as jewelry.  Each band consists of silicone rubber covered in soft fabric, so that while being safe on hair, they’ll also never break or stretch out.Check out more colors and designs here. Use Code Bloom15 and get 10% off plus free shipping

6. Puma gym bag: A gym basic is the gym bag. This bag has plenty of room for all of your workout gear and you can’t beat the price $23.21. Don’t wait too long to grab. 

7. Gym gloves: Designed to give you that close tight grip, these are great for hitting serious weights and protecting your hands from developing those unsightly calluses.

8. Kate Spade Towel: Who wouldn’t want something soft and comfy after taking a shower after an intense workout? 

9. Yoga Mat: I absolutely love the design of this Mat. If yoga is not a part of your workout, you can still use it for your pre and post workout stretches.  It may even make you consider a yoga class or two once you feel how comfortable it is. 

10. If you work out or you’re starting your fitness journey, the Blender Bottle is the number one essential that every person should have on deck. Throw in some pre-workout or protein powder with some water and shake, shake, shake…you’re good to go!

11. Puma Flip flops: Great flip flops to wear when you’re taking a shower at the gym

12. Lauren Conrad Earring Set: Just because you’re working out, who says you can’t look cute while you’re doing it. 

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