4 Ways to Build Up Your Momentum After You Are Faced With Life Challenges

I have a question for you all.

Have you ever felt like you were mentally and emotionally drained from life? Or slowly starting to lose your motivation to achieve your dreams/goals to make them into your reality? If you have ever been in this place or are currently in this spot now I bet you’ve started to ask yourself, ”How did I get here and what happened to my drive?”

The four-letter word called LIFE is what happened. It’s easy to get distracted, off track or even face minor setbacks when you are met with life challenges and obstacles that appear unexpectedly; it’s like a tiny litmus test to see if you have what it takes to persevere regardless of what cards you are being dealt. In hindsight, it seems obvious as to the reasoning those events happened, but in the moment they could feel earth shattering and ultimately leave you dismayed and finally discouraged. Life is not always going to perfect, but it’s important for us to understand the lesson from ever obstacles we  are face with. I understand that we all come from different backgrounds and face different problems or struggles, but “All power is from within and therefore under our control.” ~Robert Collier

Here are the basic signs that indicate you’re in slumps.

You’ve noticed that you’ve started to become emotionally drained and consumed by your current situation. The positive things in your life such as working towards your goals or your life purpose begin to fade away. Your momentum slows down and without realizing it you start to become doubtful about where you are heading in life. If any of these relate to you at all, don’t beat yourself up. This is a part of life, sometime we get knocked down and we may lose faith in ourselves, but it’s important to pick ourselves up during or after the storm.

Here are 4 ideas to help build your momentum and help you get back on track.

1.   Say a morning affirmation at the beginning of each day. Click here to get to a view morning affirmations.

The benefits to affirmations is that it helps you refine your focus and jump start your morning off with a positive start.

2.   Exercise

The psychological benefits to working out:

A.) Improves your mood

B.)Reduces Stress

C.) Increases Relaxation

3. Have gratitude towards your life and everything positive that surrounds you.

Being grateful for what you have no matter what circumstances you are in, will only attract more greatness into your life.

4. Have Faith in yourself.

Know that you are more than enough and deserve to live the life you desire.

The Magic is one of my absolute favorite books and has given the insight that I had desired, while helping me understand how important it is to remain grateful and help me appreciate my life no matter what I’m going through. Click here to see 7 scientifically proven benefits of gratitude.

Remember, the only way to build Momentum is to continue to move and do something each day that will help you get and stay on the right path.

Your turn:

What helps you build your momentum when you are down?

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  1. Mellyao | 11th Jul 17

    Awesome post!

    Tip # 4 is my favorite. I think the more faith one has in him/herself the easier it is to follow through with anything that you desire or try to achieve.

    I also love your dress, you look absolutely fab!

  2. Shaniece | 11th Jul 17

    Thanks, I agree 100% with you Mellyao!

  3. | 12th Jul 17

    Faith is key and gratitude is the ultimate energy lift. Stay the course!

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