What To Do When You Only Have 5 Minutes!

What to do when you only have 5 minutes! This week, correction, this month has been a whirlwind.  May is definitely a transitional month in the world of nature.  It’s the pleasant space between winter and summer.  Where the seeds are watered, the sprouts begin to spring and all things are possible.  It starts out slow and builds with a growing force of exertion like a cork exploding from a bottle of bubbly.  May is amazing!

But what if you are maxed to the max in May?

How do you typically handle it? Have you ever thought about it?  Do you assess what your month will be like? For myself, May has proven to be a blur of one family event to the next.  Mother’s Day, my birthday, my son’s birthday, Memorial Day, and a mix of many other special birthdays in there, too.  That’s all fine and dandy for the slow moving tortoise/ precise Taurus that I am.  What takes flight is the velocity at which my husband works.  He wants to celebrate and take it to the next level as his way to show love.

Sort of like mixing fire and water…. I like to restore and refresh.  I get energized visioning my new summer garden and want to plant seeds. He likes to rock and to roll and excavate the whole place at once.   We’ve worked it out.  But adding gas to the fire… his birthday is in the beginning of June near Father’s Day and so on.  You see the theme here?  It’s one thing after the other!  And we haven’t even gotten to summer vacation yet.  

Imagine the overwhelm that could happen for any unsuspecting, good intending soul in the month of May, just by showing up to the many “endings” underfoot.  Last day of school.  Track and field day.  Final exams.  It’s a lot.  And it’s often HOT!

In some ways, the end of May is like the energy of New Year’s Eve.  It’s the end of a year of schedules, exams, and seasons.  Summer is a well-deserved retreat with the addition to much needed water to cool things down.  (We’ll talk about the overwhelm of too much free time, another time).

Why am I telling you all of this? Because this year has taken it to an all time peak!   I learned years ago to dial back my “yes” factor in May and to amp up my “no, I couldn’t possibly” answer to many of the varied opportunities that come in May.

Setting a boundary is great in theory.  In May, boundaries are a must. This year is record breaking!

My question is, how do you show up as your best self, in the midst of many completions, new beginnings, celebrations and all things in Bloom?

Intentionally.  That’s how!

But, if you only have 5 minutes….. what’s a girl to do?  

Use your time wisely.  My advice has been the same across the board for the last five years and it applies to many people at different times.  So, I’ll give it to you freely here.  I hinted to it above.  But you’ll be surprised at how the first five minutes of your day has massive impact on your success.

Let’s recap.

You know I’m all about intentions and visioning your best results.  If you only have five minutes, know your intentions.  Reconnect to your intentions and vision your best results. Do it daily.  Only takes 5 minutes.  For even more success and magical manifesting powers, keep reading.

(If you don’t have the intentions piece in place, then there is a lot more to talk about then today’s topic.  Reach me! I’m happy to help.)

I know how easy it is to let the day get away from our best intentions.  And I know how easily we can get out of bounds… not being our best self when life gets super busy.  True that life tends to bunch up at times.  So here is my steadfast solution to help you (me) stay in tact each and every day.

First and foremost, get to first things first.  It only takes five minutes at the most!

I call this everyday activity, first things first.  I know you’re going to laugh because it’s not what you think it is.  You might balk.  You may resist at first. And you may even being doing it already in some way. Good for you. But, everyday, get to your first things first without fail to increase your productivity and reduce overwhelm of huge proportion, within five minutes.

What are they?  Three things to do under five minutes.

First thing! Upon waking, don’t even think about it, wake up and brush your teeth. Without even starting the coffee, sitting in meditation, talking to your spouse/lover/mailman, or checking facebook…..brush your teeth and every word you speak will be that much more fresh. This has very much to do with manifesting your riches.  I’ll explain how at length if you really want to know.

Next! Make the bed. It’s done.   To release overwhelm, stagnant energy, confusion, and more, is in the power of being on point in the morning.  What better way than to complete the task of sleeping.  Compose the bed and be ready for restorative energy each time you walk back into your room.  Quite the opposite of being in a blurry hurry, being greeted by a disheveled bed/room.  Put the cherry on top by having a completer pillow in place.

And last: I know, this is an odd one.  But here’s the thing.  If you only have 5 minutes and a million things to do, you’ll be putting that thing on anyway.  You’ll be getting dressed.  I discuss this at length for my well intended ladies dealing with procrastination with so much to do and so little time.  For today, let’s talk about the fork in the road here.

After putting on your beloved bra, you have many choices.  You can take it slow or  you can get dressed right away, depending on your intentions.  Do you intend to get more exercise or to take a walk before work or to do your morning yoga routine? Slip right into your yoga pants, bra and top.

See where is this going? In the first five minutes of being awake, you’ve set yourself up for successful energy.   It only took 5 minutes and no thinking, vacillating or decision-making involved.

Master the first things first and you’ll free up another 5 minutes, easily.  What to do? Lie on the ground and do 20 stomach crunches. Or triple that and do 60.  You’ll have time to spare, so be sure to add ten pushups and a nice child’s pose stretch. It’s an option.

If you only have five minutes, and you’ve mastered the first things first routine, sit quietly in silence.  The inner quiet realm is a treasure trove of power.  To tap into your inner power through a quiet moment, set the timer for 5 minutes.

But what if you want to go jogging?  Will five minutes do the trick?  I think not.  How about a fun dance track for a five-minute jam session?  Yes, dance the morning into motion.  It will be easy; you’ll already have your bra on, and no excuses.

Give this a chance.  See what the first things first can do for you.  If you’re already on track and do your FTF daily routine without question, perhaps the next five minutes will be game changing for you.

Let me know what your intentions are and I’ll be sure to help you achieve your highest and best Self possible.

Comment below and always know you can email me at omvalerie@gmail.com for more information in Mind Body & Home Balance.

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