How to Walk the Line of Work and Life Balance

Have you eaten today?  I ask before you start reading because the topic of work/life balance is an elusive one.  Every person is looking, longing, and languishing over this mysterious balance hidden somewhere out there in the land of perfection.  But it boils down to very pragmatic activities.

First, let’s admit one thing.   We love to work.  Well, scratch that,  we love to accomplish things and will work really hard to get those things done.  Am I right?  Sometimes we lose sleep over a certain task or we skip meals, rush through the drive-thru, and sacrifice good nutrition for convenience.  There are many pitfalls for us hard-working women feeling the need to DO IT ALL.  Besides work and being really good at what you do, there’s the other things that need to get done such as.  working out, house-work, and that extra curricular activity of looking fine and fashionable.  It can feel like a part time job all on its own.

So, how do we find balance before coming to our wits end?  How do we walk the fine line of work-life balance so we can show up with the glowing results of all this hard work.?  That’s the intention, right?

In other words, why are we always go, go, go?   There are three big reasons why.  One: To show the results.  It’s the “Look at what I can do” kind of thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  There’s nothing more fun than getting in shape, finding the right swim suit, and feeling great during that day at the beach.  “Weeeee look at me!”  Or putting in long hours to complete a project at work and gaining the accolades that comes with it.

Then, there’s number two: The “no other choice” type of thing.  If I don’t do it ALL, there must be something wrong with me! There’s nothing better than when you finally reach that moment when you know, you don’t HAVE to do it all.  We get to pick and choose.

Lastly, there’s the third: I work hard because I do what I love.  I love doing and seeing what I’ve done.  I beam with gratitude and fulfillment.  It makes me happy.  So if I can do even more, for even more people, maybe I will be even more happy.  So taking on just a bit too much sometimes can throw even the best intentions out of balance.

Here are five solutions to staying in check, doing what you love, what you have to do, or what you are just programmed to get done.

All of these solutions are for the girl who is ready to STOP the madness BEFORE the breaking point of despair when life feels like it could all come tumbling down.

I’ve been teaching self-care and the art of relaxation for over fifteen years and these suggestions are sure to make an impact when you truly decide to draw the line and take better care of your well being.

5 Tips for Improving Work/Life Balance

  1. what does balanced living look like to you?  We are all living a different life and balance will look different for each of us.  If you’ve read any of my other work, you’ll know I’ve consulted Vision Boards for a lot of information.  So, I ask you, how often do you take the time to envision what balance looks like for you?
  2.  Where is your happy place?  Not that one that you may never get to because life has to be perfect for you to take the time to go.  Where is your happy place right here and now?  Is it your home your sanctuary?  Give yourself the gift of balance by clearing out yesterdays news and open up the space for the new improved you.  You’ll be absolutely amazed at how extra space in your closet, cupboards and pantry will give you room for a sigh of delightful relief.  You’ll rest better.  You’ll get dressed faster and you’ll have a better attitude wherever you go.
  3.  EAT!  You may think this is an odd way to find balance but when you skip meals you are literally throwing your whole internal system out of whack.  Your chemical balance IS your balance.  So, be sure to eat early, eat sensibly, and eat well.  It’s taken me years and years and years to figure out that sugar is not my friend.  A sweet roll for breakfast is a fast track to feeling out of balance, overwhelmed, and tired before your time. Eat well.
  4. Schedule in the things you love.  This one sounds so obvious. But it can be the one we forgo most often.  The work in work-life balance is to not forget about the “life” part.  What are you working for anyway?  Before you let life start to pass you by because you’re working so hard, remember that someday will always be way out there. In some- day land.  What about today?   What do you love today?  Fresh flowers… plan to grab some from Trader Joe’s or the Farmer’s Market each week or give yourself the time to grow a cutting garden.  This is the flavor of life in daily increments.  What do you love?  How will you work it in?  An even better question/suggestion is to look out for taking the things you love in life for granted.  This is a big red flag.  In order to balance, be sure to slow down enough to appreciate and give attention to those lovely things you already have in your life that you love.  Take care, lovingly.
  5. An 5. I said it above.  Take the time to slow down.  Sounds impossible doesn’t it?  What’s impossible is keeping up at an unreasonable pace without taking small pauses.  Nothing can run full blast forever.  Is that what your vision of balance looks like?  Running at full speed (to burn out) all of the time?  Or is there a pace you’d prefer?  Slowing down sounds great to save for the weekend or that week vacation once a year if you’re lucky.  Not enough for this girl.  Slow down on purpose and while you’re at it, Relax!   In many of my other posts, and for the last fifteen years, I’ve said over and over again, the key to balance and the secret to true success is meditation.  Yes, your secret weapon/super power comes from deep within.  Slow down enough to quiet the mind, relax, take deep soothing breaths, and let the abundant inner wisdom come to the surface of your awareness.

There’s the key to balance.  Number five will help support one, two, three and four.  Clarity is key.  Ease can be easy. Enjoying the things in life you love and loving the work you’re doing by identifying why you’re doing it…. It all smoothes out with long rhythmic breaths.

When you’re at ease in your own skin, sleep well, and know what it is that brings you joy and feeling accomplished and having the space you’re in reflect that part of you… this is walking the line of balance.  And deep down inside you may even say, “Weeeeeeee  look at me!”

Reach out to me for advice in achieving your level of happiness in work life balance or to just take the very first step to get started at .  Ask about the five part course R.E.L.A.X. where we will learn.

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