The ABC’S of Motivation +1: Featuring Dr. Kori Propst


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 It’s another gorgeous day here in San Diego, I hope your day is starting off great!  

Any time I learn new skills or tools that will help me grow, just know I’m going to share them all with you. Self-development is a big part of life, I believe we all have a purpose and it’s very important for me to share information that will help you reach your full potential as well as mine.

So today I’m thrilled to be helping my friend Kori Propst, PHD nutrition & weight loss consultant, mindset & motivation coach, and eating psychology expert spread the word about the new course she has developed. She poured a lot of time, effort, study, and enthusiasm into making it as beneficial for you as possible. The course is all about people learning the tools, tips, strategies, and best of all the search-based methods that can help  to plus 1 your efforts, every single day!

Kori, Who Would Benefit From Taking This Course?

This course is designed for the individual who wants to understand motivation for the optimization of their life. The most successful among us use motivation differently than most. They move toward actualization – the active endeavoring to become their best selves – by mastering their motivation. How? In each of the next 13 (+1) weeks, you will learn 2 key strategies for motivational mastery.

Why +1? Because we will be practicing and committing to +1’ing our lives, every single day. We have an obligation, should we desire a full, happy, honorable life, to bring our best and to live with integrity – in alignment with our inner daimon. You know, the cheerleader inside of you who understands that with effort and determination, attention, and discipline, you can become who you are meant to be. Arate’ (ARE-UH-TAY) is what we’re after: the act of living up to our full potentials.

Kori, How Does It Work?

You will receive 2 recordings per week via email. Each recording will explain a key concept related to the theory of motivation, optimal living, and the mindset of success. Each recording will include a reflection question (or a few) and a challenge that you will implement throughout the week and take into the discussion group to really optimize your learning and integration, and to encourage skill-building.

How Would One Know If This Course Is For Them?

  1.     You often succumb to ease and convenience when you know you should be doing something different.
  2.     You hear that internal voice screaming, “Why can’t you figure this out?!”
  3.     You often hear yourself saying, “I know what to do, I just don’t do it!”
  4.     You wonder why so many people seem to get it right, but you can’t.
  5.     You don’t want to feel driven by your moods.
  6.     You procrastinate when faced with difficult circumstances.
  7.     You want to trust yourself to make big decisions.
  8.     You often feel a sense of anxiety or fear about the “right” choices.
  9.     You desire enthusiasm and a sense of vitality about your life.
  10.  You desire to feel more fully engaged on a daily basis and moment-to-moment.
  11.  You want to know how to set intentions and move forward with persistent action.
  12.  You’re driven by emotion and are more impulsive than deliberate.
  13.  You desire to wake up each morning with a sense of gratefulness or purpose.
  14.  You want to connect with your best, highest self and change your relationship with others in the process.

When Does The Course Start and What Does It Include?

Title: ABC’s of Motivation +1

Course Facilitator: Kori Propst, PhD

Course Length: 14 weeks

Medium: Recorded Teleseminar/Podcast + PDF Notes + Facebook Motivation Discussion Group

Start Date: May 1

Enter the code: BLOOM to receive $150 off the course

Are you ready to meet your goals with greater tenacity of spirit, belief in your abilities, and the fortitude to overcome the obstacles in your path?

Click here to register! Kori can’t wait for your ah-has! 


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