Happy Anniversary Bloom + 4 Online Clothes Shopping Tips

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I launched Bloom.  I want to start off by thanking you all for your love and support! I also want to show appreciation to the amazing, intelligent classy women that have contributed to the Bloom’s community. I have gained so much knowledge from you all. It’s been such a humbling experience to create a platform to inspire women to become their best selves mentally and physically. My vision for  Bloom is to create an interactive atmosphere where women can come pick up tips and ideas, while sharing their thoughts on the topic without feeling any judgment. With that being said, I would like to gear some of my upcoming post towards what you would like to see more of in regards to self-development, fitness, or fashion. Feel free to contact me directly or comment on this post below.

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On another note, I want to share my new obsession with online clothes shopping. Today I’m wearing one of my new favorite looks, a two-piece set that I brought from Chiccoutureonline. This is the same online boutique that I purchased my Gold Standard dress from. These two dresses give me life! I received so many compliments when I wore this two-piece set and to top it off the quality is top of the line.  I love buying clothes that I know are going to last me a long time, I definitely live by the motto “Quality over quantity,” for sure! Another thing that I like about this look is that I can pair the top with a pair of high-waisted jeans or pair the skirt with a blue or green tank top to give it a new look.

 Having such a great experience ordering from Chiccoutureonline, Forever 21, Macy’s, Meraki Allure and New York & Company really made me want to shop online more often. I used to really enjoy the in-store shopping experience when I had more time on my hands, but now that my schedule has gotten busier these past two years working a full time job, building Bloom’s content, networking, prepping my food for the week, and working out daily has left me with little time to actually go shopping in the store, nor do I want to. When I do have free time I want to rest or spend time with friends versus trying to find parking and go into crowded stores trying to find clothes. Nobody got time for that! I know many people are still skeptical about purchasing clothes online because they are not sure if it’s going to look good or not,but I’m here share with you that clothes shopping online has truly saved me time, which equals money, and it will do the same for you. Here are four tips to go by when you are clothes shopping online.

 4 Online Clothes Shopping Tips

  1. Before you purchase anything, know your measurements and look up the store measurements as well. Every clothing store size runs differently, they may run bigger or smaller, so do your research on the store website.
  2. Check the refund policies just in case you want to return your item. Some stores only give store credit, in that case you need to be ok with purchasing another item from the store if you have to make a return.
  3. Read the review on the items that you are going to be purchasing. You will get other consumers opinion on how the item fits and the experience they had with it.
  4. If you know you are going to need your outfit by a certain date, try to order it 3 weeks early, which will give you enough time in case you have to return it for another size or item.

Thank you all for reading and supporting Bloom. If you know anyone that can benefit from any post on Bloom share it with them.

I want to hear from you!

What online store would you highly recommend shopping at?

What type of post do you want to see more of in regards to self-development, fashion or fitness?

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  1. Ladytee | 11th Apr 17

    Happy Anniversary Bloom by Shaniece! Great job!
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Shaniece | 11th Apr 17

    Thank you Ladytee for being a great supporter of Bloom!

  3. | 11th Apr 17

    I love it, girl! Happy 1 Year Anniversary – Im sooooo proud of you!

  4. Sheree | 11th Apr 17

    I love it, girl! Happy 1 Year Anniversary – I’m so proud of you!!!

  5. Shaniece | 11th Apr 17

    Thank you Sheree for being apart of the process and helping Bloom come alive! 😙

  6. Shaniece | 11th Apr 17

    Thank you! 😀

  7. Natalia | 11th Apr 17

    Beautiful post, beautiful You!!

  8. Shaniece | 11th Apr 17

    Thank you Natalia! I hope to hear your thoughts and opinions on future topics!

  9. Melissa | 11th Apr 17

    Happy Anniversary!!! I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see what comes next with Bloom❤

  10. Shaniece | 11th Apr 17

    Thank you Melissa for your overwhelming support. I look forward to you sharing your thoughts on the upcoming topics!

  11. Lorna Carter | 15th Apr 17

    Hello my daughter I’m so very proud of you, keep up the good work because you are given what you have because of God which gives you the strength to do so. May you be bless and at peace with everything you touch and do. Love you always mommy dearest

  12. Shaniece | 15th Apr 17

    Thanks Mom, I really appreciate your support!

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