Environment Is Everything In Life

I grew up with a tremendous amount of change in my life.  Nothing was ever really set.  You could say there was a lot of chaos. Once I had a home of my own, I felt the joy of playing house and the struggle of keeping up with life.  

Working full time with a growing family and being fit and fashionable….. you know, the usual, it was a lot.  I loved to garden, I loved to sew and to cook and to bake. I felt I had to do it all myself or I wasn’t doing it right.

I was used to working long, hard hours and being on the go, but as I got older it seemed like everything was piling up.  I couldn’t get to it all.  I just didn’t have time.   There was no order, and I was constantly stressing out about it!

My husband and I worked together in our bustling restaurant business and he could hear my stress building and building so he helped me by suggesting I write a list and do things in an orderly way.

Well, that was like another language to me.

Work, laundry, yard work, exercise, socializing…… something had to give.  And it did! My back.  After a few years of extreme back pain and the need to ask for help, I  made a change.  I thought it was my environment that was stressing me out but discovered it was so much more.

Yes, my outer world was a point of frustration and it was affecting me, but it was more of a metaphor of what was going inside my head.  I felt harried and a mess ~ just like the paperwork mounting in my files, desk, and table tops.  I felt chaotic and confined just like overstuffed closets with clothes from every age I had lived thus far.  I felt overwhelmed with things to do, chasing from one unfinished project to the next.

As soon as I could afford help, I (with plenty of guilt ridden energy running through my body) hired a housekeeper once in awhile, and, praise the lord, it was a relief, sort of.  The real mess wasn’t on the outside.  Other people may have thought I had it all together, with a nice home, garden, business, and more accessories than I could wear in a year. On the outside everything “looked” beautiful.  But on the inside…….

So, if environment is everything, then why was I still secretly suffering, crushed with responsibility and stifled by “having it all” and never feeling like I was enough?

Because, my dears, my revelation was in a single moment of truth: It’s your inner environment that is everything. The rest will follow.

The climate going on behind the eyes, between the ears and in the flickering thoughts day and night; this is what’s creating the world you live in.  

Ok… it didn’t all happen in a single moment. Becoming clear and letting go of toxic build-up did take some time. And so ensued the studies of mind, body, and home alignment- my life’s work.

I’m grateful for those days that brought me to a deeper place within myself.  I began to create a sacred space inside. Low and behold my surroundings began to sparkle. With time and attention (and guilt-free helping hands) the important things were obvious and the less important things fell to the wayside.  Better said, I was able to let them go.

So where to begin “cleaning up this mess”?   In a word, meditate.

Yes, environment is everything.  To begin the journey of empowered, beautiful living, look within yourself.  Support your inner growth by setting up the sacred space to hold you.  Let your space reflect the clarity of who you are.  See your surroundings with new eyes, eyes of a grateful heart.

In your journey toward a clear and sacred self, have fun envisioning the way your space would reflect your best self, right now, in the moment.  Light, bright, and alive!   This week I’m speaking at the “Envision Your Greatness” vision board seminar in San Diego and I’ll be talking about this very subject.  Sacred Space is a major player when it comes to bringing your vision to life.  The sacred within will soon manifest it’s.

It’s been my pleasure sharing this glimpse of time.  If I can help you begin carving out your inner sanctuary, your sacred surroundings or even just learning about non toxic living, don’t hesitate to reach me at omvalerie@gmail.com.

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