11 Space Clearing Tips to Invite Positive Energy Into Your New Year !

I want to continue to kick off great vibes for everyone to achieve and tackle their goals by providing some tools to help get you there. With that being said, I brought back Life Energy Coach, Valerie Sorrentino, to discuss 11 ways to clear space and invite positive energy into the new year. Last time Valerie was on the blog, she discussed how to create the life you love. It was such a phenomenal post, check it out out if you haven’t already.

Welcome Back Valerie!


  1. Clear clutter. Overwhelming, right? To remove overwhelm, chunk it down. Keep it easy. See the area of congestion in small, or, shall I say, short bursts of completion. One drawer will not change your world but one drawer at a time will move mountains of excess weight from your shoulders opening the flow of positive chi. We talk about timed actions in my Daily Practice group and it’s revolutionary. The real key is consistency.


  1. The floors are very important for staying grounded and clear. Here’s the thing, when vacuuming, be sure to set vivid, clear intentions. (explained, at length, in class)


  1. Brush away everything that has entered your home with a clean sweep at the door. To welcome the path of positive energy toward your home, sweep all the way out to the curb. Release the energy that’s gathered (invited or not) and let it be on its way.


  1. Add salt along the entryways of your home. Let it stand and absorb for some period of time, then sweep it away.


  1. Add essential oil to your salt ritual. Lavender oil has a myriad of benefits including warding off pests.


  1. Clean the windows. This has pretty obvious results, yet I get questions from skeptics. I say, try it. The ability to see clearly through the looking glass holds a great deal of healthy, happy, inspirational energy and a closer connection with nature.


  1. Empty the pantry and refrigerator of anything out of alignment with your new picture of well-being. Be sure to remove expired or heavily preserved items from your cabinets.


  1. Bring in Fresh! Inviting positive energy, health and happiness comes naturally with fresh surroundings. Fresh food. Fresh flowers. Fresh spaces. Fresh thoughts.


  1. Sage (aka smudging).   Burn Nag-Chompa incense or a sage bundle. Start from the front door (after doing many of the above mentioned) and move to the left, through the entire parameter of your home. Watch the smoke smolder upward as you hold your clear intentions in mind.


  1. As you mindfully walk through your space watching the line of smoke moving upward, you may come to a place where the line starts to squander. This signifies an accumulation of stagnant energy. Pause. Pay attention. Stand clear. Let “it” go. Ground until the line of purifying smoke streams upward once again.


  1. When space clearing of any kind, open the windows. While vacuuming, while smudging (burning sage), while ringing bells, while clapping your hands, have at least the door cracked in order for the stale energy to escape easily. You’ll notice the fresh air entering your home. Be conscious of the new beginnings you are christening.



In my 22 of years experience studying energy balancing in mind, body, spirit and home, these tips work to lift your vibration and refresh your energy every time. They just scratch the surface of creating clear space.

I would love to hear from you! Share your success stories at omvalerie@gmail.com . And access your free 5 minute meditation audio gift at www.Valsgift.com .

Stay clear and have fun! Love, Valerie

Bonus Treat From Valarie:

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  1. Kelly | 24th Jan 17

    Loved this!! Definitely going to incorporate it into my weekly deep cleaning routine. 🙂

  2. Shaniece | 24th Jan 17

    Kelly, I have incorporated a few of these space clearing tips and I definitely feel a difference. I hope you take advantage of free 5 minute meditation audio gift!

  3. Melissa | 25th Jan 17

    Awesome post! This really resonates with me as I always feel like I bring energies from the outside home with me particularly work stress. I’m going to try to do steps 1-11 at least once a month to clear the negative/ stagnant energy and keep the good vibes flowing.

  4. Shaniece | 25th Jan 17

    Melissa I look forward to hearing how these steps works out for you!

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