Let’s be honest, eating healthy can sometimes be exhausting because you have to cautiously plan your meals and snacks to help you stay on track. Eating healthy is the hardest part about living a healthy lifestyle because you literally have to prep what you are going to eat throughout the whole day. I don’t know about you, but when hunger kicks in, I will just about eat anything to satisfy my hunger and this often includes food I know I should not be consuming. Sometimes, when I don’t prep my meals/snacks I run out of ideas and cave into eating unhealthy foods. Planning is key to staying on track! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or nasty, there are plenty of healthy meals and snack choices to choose from. Today, I have my friend, Health and Fitness Blogger, Diana Becker, to share 10 Delicious snacks you should have in your cabinet.

Diana Becker is a Health and Fitness Blogger for Liveleaneatgreen and also has B.S. in Nutrition. Diana’s food philosophy is to eat clean, whole foods, 90% of the time, but eat whatever the heck you want 10% of the time as long as you get some form of exercise every day. She believes in having flexibility in your diet and not subscribing to 1 specific way of eating. 

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In a perfect world we would all have the time to spend hours playing Top Chef in our kitchens whipping up gourmet meals 24/7. However, normally that is not the case. It’s more like let me struggle to spread some peanut butter on some bread and run out the door.

To keep this list of 10 Healthy Snacks as simple as possible I went to my local Ralph’s to do some investigating. It was important to me to go to a generic grocery store to find these healthy snacks so this would be a more realistic list for everyone. I was surprised by all of the wonderful options Ralph’s had to offer for very affordable prices.

Enjoy and we would love you hear your favorite EASY, HEALTHY snack in the comment section!

10 Healthy Snacks For Lazy People Wanting To Eat Healthy:

1). Cheese sticks/ Babybel cheese: Cheese, in moderation of course, is a great high protein snack to help keep you full throughout the day. Even better, snack sized cheeses are usually 100 calories or less and are high in calcium.



2). Pre chopped fruits and veggies: Now let’s be honest, sometimes just the thought of actually cutting an apple or chopping up some carrots is exhausting. There have been times I spend a fortune on fresh fruits and veggies to bring to work and they just go bad because I’m too lazy to prep.

Problem solved. You can buy pre chopped fruits and veggies (yes, they cost a little more). I also recommend keeping a jar of peanut butter or hummus at your desk for dipping options if plain fruits and veggies aren’t your thing.


3). Pre hard boiled eggs: Eggs are a wonderful high protein, low carbohydrate snack- especially if you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle. Adhealthysnacks14d a little salt or hot sauce to up the flavor.

Pre hard boiled eggs are also great to add to salads at lunch or dinner for a little protein boost.


4). Protein bars: Not all protein bars were created equal. I’ll spare you all my lecture on artificial sweeteners and go over just 2 basic things to look for when choosing a protein bar:

  • Ingredients: If you know all the ingredients on the back of a bar it’s probably a good choice. For example the ingredients in this Chocolate Chip Brownie Lara Bar are as follows: dates, chocolate chips, almonds, walnuts, cocoa powder and sea salt. Lara Bars and KIND Bars are my favorite for this.
  • Protein to Carb Ratio: You see some bars out there that have 1g of protein and then 30g of carbs…basically you’re eating pure sugar. You want to be sure the amount of protein is equal (if not more) than the amount of carbs…keep that body in balance! Quest Bars are my favorite for this. They have 21g of protein and 22g of carbs…not bad!


5). Single serve greek yogurts and cottage cheese- Both cottage cheese and greek yogurt are wonderful high protein snacks that can even taste like a treat with fruit added. As an extra bonus a lot of yogurts have probiotics in them which is great for your digestive tract.

My picks for the healthiest greek yogurts: Fage, Chobani 100 and Siggi’s.


6). Single serve hummus and pretzels: Pretzels are low in fat and have carbs to give you some energy while the hummus has a good amount of protein and fiber from the chickpeas making this a very well rounded snack.


7). P3 Protein Packs: Or any little protein pack you see all over the place. Honestly, these are not the best option for those who are watching their sodium intake but I love them because of the fact you’re getting 12g of protein from REAL FOOD and get some variety for snack time.


8). Jerky: Nobody really thinks of jerky for a healthy snack but turkey jerky is extremely low in fat and high in protein. Krave brand is my favorite because they don’t put a ton of creepy preservatives in their products- they’re naturally moist and delicious.

I’d recommend only eating about 1 oz of jerky at a time for a snack. Just to put it into perspective this bag has about 3.5 1 oz servings in it. I’ve seen pre portioned jerky at stores before but just couldn’t find it at Ralph’s.


9). Mini bags of popcorn: Really any mini bag/ 100 calorie bag of popcorn works for this. I know when I’m bored at work all I want is something salty to crunch on and popcorn makes an awesome low calorie healthy snack (without the butter of course). Popcorn even has some healthy fiber in it to help keep you full!


10). Pre portioned packs of nuts: Any nuts make a great snack but they’re SO EASY to overeat. I highly recommend 100 calorie packs for this reason. Almonds are my favorite option because they have the highest amount of protein and fiber paid with beneficial healthy fats to keep you full and satisfied.


For yummy healthy recipes be sure to check out Liveleaneatgreen.com

Thank you Diana  for sharing your knowledge and being apart of the Bloom community!


I want to hear from you!

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