Three Tips On How to Achieve Success to Get to Your Career Goals.

Have you ever felt stagnate in your current position or career and felt like you wanted more in life? I once felt like that all the time. I used to  talk to a few of my good friends about how I just wanted to move forward and do something that I’m passionate about.  They definitely heard my complaints, frustrations, and cries about me not being where I want to be in life. I felt confused about exactly what I wanted to do at that time, but I knew I didn’t want to be in the same position forever. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is it so hard for some of us to move forward in our career or venture out and be in business for ourselves?”

In today’s post, Emily Miller, Associate Director at Ashford University, goes over three  tips on how to achieve success to reach your career goals. I was a part of her Leadership Development Program and she is my former director at Ashford University. Working with Emily, I witnessed that she is extremely hard working and she is an inspiration to others that want to grow into the best version of  themself. She is the true definition of “boss lady” and a mastermind behind everything she does.

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The path to my current position is actually quite an interesting one. I once watched a video of Steve Jobs speaking at commencement where he referenced the idea of “connecting the dots”. The basic idea premise of this theory is that you follow the path that seems most interesting to you at that moment, that life will eventually allow you to weave it all into a career path that encompasses each unique experience. Mine has been very much that way. To start, I worked hard very early. Aside from silly entrepreneurial endeavors such as selling hand designed t-shirts and lemonade on the street as a kid, I began my first job where I received a true paycheck at 14. My dad always sang the Beach Boys song “Get a Job” to me and instilled that hard work was important. So I began working very young because I wanted my parents to be proud, but also because they were not the type of parents to give an allowance – they wanted me to work for what I had. In my early twenties, I began with television production as a summer intern and view that as the foundation of my career life. I spent about four years in a variety of roles, most notable of which was Associate Producer. It taught me a great deal about research skills, working against tight deadlines, communication, and finding ways to achieve success against all odds.

While I enjoyed the work, in my spare time I was designing and making clothing. At a certain point, I decided that following what I was passionate about was important; so I made my way into retail management. What I uncovered about myself during that time was that I truly enjoyed streamlining business operations, recruiting, and leadership development far more than the retail product itself. That was the point at which I transitioned into work in higher education. I found that I was able to “connect the dots” and utilize all of the strengths I had built over time to do something that helped people, which was very fulfilling. I truly feel that if I had not listened to my gut over time, that I would never have been able to accomplish all that I have.  

I believe success in any role and at any company is the product of mindset and hard work. I was willing to take a lower level position when I entered this company because I saw how quickly it was growing and knew that the size of the company brought with it a great deal of potential. My goal from the first day was to be noticed for my hard work, and to express my desire for growth and leadership to anyone who would listen. I took advantage of every leadership development program, didn’t quit when I didn’t get hired to a management position when I first applied, and stuck to my principles. While I had to pay my dues as anyone does, it worked. I received 3 promotions over a 6 year period. I believe that if you work hard, and your desire is genuine and resilient, you will always find success.

Three tips on how to achieve success to get to your career goals.

1.Work Hard. Be honest with yourself about your level of effort. Don’t work like the person next to you, work harder. Do more, go above and beyond, push past your goals and comfort zones, and then raise the bar for yourself a bit higher every day.

2.Be resilient. Know that you will make mistakes, get shot down, find people that are better than you, and embrace it all as a learning experience.

3.Practice Emotional Intelligence. Many say that your EQ, not your IQ is the greatest factor for success in the workplace. Know yourself, know your triggers, and practice increasing your emotional intelligence daily. Seek to be the place that those who follow you want to go to find clarity in high stress situations, and recognize what you need to maintain your balance.

Thank you Emily for sharing your knowledge and being apart of the Bloom community!

Whether you are looking to grow within your current company, move to another company, or open your own business, these three tips can be applied. I’m still not exactly where I want to be in my career, but I’m taking all the necessary steps in the right direction to get there. It’s very important to be grateful and make the best out of your current situation. I’m not saying you won’t get frustrated along the way, but just know that some things take time and patience . Throughout your journey to reaching your career goals, only compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not anyone else because that will keep you from reaching your highest potential. Lastly, do not let your negative thoughts get in the way because that will keep you stagnate and prevent you from moving forward.  I hope this post shed some light for you to take action in your life to get that much closer to reaching your career goals.

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  1. Dejae Blevins | 26th Aug 16

    I really enjoyed your tip for sucess. Your blog is so inspirational and refreshing. Please keep more post coming!
    I feel like I’m blooming with you.

    I wish you continued sucess Ms Benson.

  2. Shaniece | 29th Aug 16

    Dejae, I’m so happy you were inspired by this post and I also look forward to your comments!

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