Meraki Allure Exclusive Interview!

I’m more than excited to be the first to Interview Mo Cisse, Ceo, and founder of Meraki Allure. Meraki Allure is a new custom high end clothing line that carries various types of clothing and accessories for both men and women internationally. I was blessed and excited to be asked to model some fabulous pieces that I fell in love with. 

I’m wearing a gold/black formal long dress that fits so comfortably because the material has a great stretch to it. It  emphasizes my curves in all the right places. I was so bloated that day I modeled this dress, so when I tried it on, I was very pleased with the quality of the material, especially in the front around the stomach area.  There is a big chance that I’m going to be wearing this to my friends wedding that is coming up soon!  Shop this look! Be sure to use CODE: 1988 to get 10% discount!

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The black floral/net top was my favorite item that I modeled because of how versatile it is. I paired this top with black leggings and light denim jeans. I love that you can dress this look up or down depending on what type of bottoms and shoes you wear. This top in black is sold out, but they are available in other colors. I will keep you informed when the black net top is restocked. 

 Shop this look! Be sure to use CODE: 1988  to get 10% discount!IMG_6949




I’m wearing a long formal black dress with stones and floral designs. I really enjoyed wearing this dress because I didn’t think these type of dresses would flatter  me. Lately, I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone and trying things that I would not try on at first glance and it’s actually  been working in my favor. I challenge you all to do the same, you will be surprised how what you imagined may not look good actually does. 

 Shop this look! Be sure to use CODE: 1988 to get 10% discount!



Who doesn’t like a man in a suit! Mo is wearing an Italian Plaid Fitted Wool Suit. Shop this look for your man, father, or brother! Be sure to use CODE: 1988 to get 10% discount!



Interview:Now To The Good Stuff!!!

Introduce yourself to the Bloom community
Mo Cisse: Thank you, foremost, for having me. A little about myself: I’m originally from Guinea, West Africa. I immigrated to the US back in 1997. Long story short, I did the traditional things that most people do. For example, I attended high school and college here in the US. I got my degree in education and now work in corporate America. That is where I met Shaniece, in the education field.
It’s kind of a funny story how I ended up having a clothing line. It was my mother’s African attire clothing line that paid for our trip to come to the US. I find it to be very interesting that 18 years later, I’m doing something similar as my mother, but on a much bigger scale.
Tell us a little bit about your clothing line
MC: Meraki Allure is basically inspired by two friends. Back in December of 2015, we were sitting at a friend’s house trying to figure out what our New Year’s resolution was going to be and what we were going to do differently. With me being in a better place in my life as far as professionally, two friends inspired me to start my own clothing line. I thought if I was going to start a company, it has to a legacy company, something that would be here long after I’m gone. It’s very important that I create a brand that everyone can be proud of longterm, which includes the customers, team members, and everyone that is associated with the company and brings forth a positive influence.
 What Does Meraki Allure mean?
MC: Meraki Allure means to do something with creativity, to do it with love and to put a piece of yourself in your work. Allure is a Latin word that basically means manifestation of something that is charming and attractive. I’m big on marketing and branding, I made a lot of mistakes in the past and that is why I’m very thoughtful about the way I carry myself, my branding, and what I expose on social media.
What is your vision for Meraki Allure?
MC: Meraki Allure’s vision is to be a legacy company, more like a lifestyle that people can be proud of. Eventually we are going expand and do everything from shoes to furniture.
What is your favorite piece in the collection?
So far for the men, it’s the gray and blue plaid suit that I wore to the Meraki Allure pre launch party because it’s 100% wool, very fitted, and needs little tailoring to none. Having a variety of choices with the women’s line has been one of my favorite parts. I’m excited that I have a line that is very diverse within the age group, the type of attire it is, and where it could be worn.
Who is your target customer?
MC: My target customer is someone that is similar to myself, either a young professional, someone that is established in their career, or for mature ages. What I mean by someone similar to myself, is someone that cares about the way they carry themselves and the message that it puts out to the world. Some of the pieces are made for someone that can wear multiple hats. The Meraki Allure customer is ideally anyone that wants to dress for success for the entire day. Whatever outfit they wear to work, it can carry them into happy hour after work, business events, or hanging out with friends and family.
Do you have any advice for anyone trying to start their own business?
It is very important to do your homework because it’s a very competitive industry. The disclaimer when doing your homework is not to stay in the research stage too long because you will become less productive.  Study your craft and  interview other people in your field. The reason why this stage is really important for a new business is because 95% of new businesses go out of business within a couple years. Its very important that you prepare yourself for the challenges ahead and successes to come!
Where can we go to browse and purchase Meraki Allure pieces?
Thank you Mo  for sharing your knowledge and being apart of the Bloom community!
I welcome comments and questions!
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  1. Dejae Blevins | 26th Aug 16

    Wow I really liked the gold and black dress its very motivating to see black entrepreneur doing there thing! I am very interested to see what he does with shoes and furniture. Good Stuff!

  2. Shaniece | 29th Aug 16

    Dejae,I’m excited to see his vision unfold as well!

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